7 great ideas to boost your business during Christmas

November 4, 2014

Christmas is the perfect time to boost your business. Your customers are looking for promotional offers when shopping but also need to be helped in their choices. Good news! Mobile marketing allows you to do both: promoting your business and supporting your customers!
The mobile channel is now essential in all smart marketing strategies.

Here are 7 smart ideas to pick for your own strategy!

Infographic how to boost your business with mobile marketing

– Prior the visit in the store –

1/ Set up a Christmas mobile Instant Win

Everyone loves gifts. Why not making your customers happy for Christmas with an Instant Win game? All you need to do is to place a QR Code on your end of year whishes, and link it to your Instant Win game. Which prizes you choose or how many of them is secondary, what is crucial is to make your customers go to your store.


  • grows your in-store traffic and boosts your sales
  • improves your image and your customer relationship


2/ Send a coupon via SMS

If you want high deliverability when sending messages, SMS is the best channel for you: 98% of SMS messages are read! And coupons are always efficient to catch the consumer’s attention. A great idea to boost your business for Christmas is to mix SMS and coupons.


  • grows your in-store traffic and boosts your sales
  • increases customer satisfaction and loyalty


– In the store –

3/ Generate excitement with a scavenger hunt!

Scavenger hunts are a great way to bring fun to your store and make your customers know more your products. Go mobile and make them interactive using QR Codes and NFC tags.


  • grows your in-store traffic, and boosts your sales
  • brings new customers
  • increases customer satisfaction and loyalty


4/ Make your customers share their experience

There are no better ambassadors for a company than satisfied customers. To help them to share their experience, a good solution would be to use social network QR Codes. Prepare a set of sentences to be shared on Twitter or Facebook: “Hey I’m doing my Christmas shopping at @mystore. It’s amazing!”


  • builds up a strong community
  • gets new customers


5/ Help your customers in their choices

Your customers may need some advice for their Christmas shopping. Give them some good tips with conveniently located QR Codes or NFC tags. For example: “In this section, find the perfect Christmas gift for a girl between 6 and 8. Enjoy!”


  • boosts your sales
  • increases customer satisfaction


– After the purchase –

6/ Thank your customers after their purchase

Show your customers some gratitude. After a purchase, why don’t you send them a message to say thank you, and give them fresh news (VIP sales for example)?


  • increases customer satisfaction and loyalty


7/ Collect customer feedbacks

It is crucial to know what your clients think about your brand. You can easily collect their feedback with a mobile survey. Then by analyzing the content of their answers, you will find solutions for improvement. Christmas is the perfect time to pick your New Year’s resolutions!


  • improves your products and services
  • increases customer satisfaction and loyalty


Examples of successful campaigns

Instant Win campaign

McDonald's couponing campaign

McDonald’s ran an Instant Win sweepstakes campaign via SMS in Italy: Merry Xmas. All the cups in the restaurants had a code, and offered prizes ranging from mobile content to free food and prepaid credit cards. User just needed to send the code via SMS to Santa and knew immediately if they had won.

This event recorded more than 1.5 million participants in 5 weeks (25% response rate). The best results for a McDonald’s mobile marketing campaign ever.


Free-Sprite-Giveaway-300x300 Couponing campaign

Coca Cola launched a couponing campaign in Denmark to promote their brand Sprite. They used mobile coupons offering free bottles of Sprite in chain stores. In 6 weeks, more than 4,500 coupons were sent to mobile phones, 1,879 coupons were redeemed and 2,051 free bottles were opened (the redemption rate was 28%).


SMS campaign

BMW sms campaign

BMW Germany sent to everyone who had bought a BMW car that year an MMS message containing a picture of the exact car that they had bought (even the color was similar). And they reminded their customers of the importance of snow tyres during winter in Germany. There was a 30% uptake in sales, and it was estimated that the campaign resulted in $45 millions in additional business.

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About the author:

Raphaëlle Dol

Thanks for reading! I am one of the first Unitag employee, and since then I fell in love with the startup way of life. I am working with passion on our marketing projects, and I am helping our users to take the most of mobile marketing. In my free time you could find me cooking, or watching the last episodes of my favorite series.