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Written by the Author: Boubacar Sidibé

It is already Christmas with Unitag

By Boubacar Sidibé

  Hohoho .. 2018 is almost here ? , it is time to be super innovative in your way of presenting your wishes. With our “Happy New Year 2018” Mobile Web Application, we offer you an…

Noël c’est maintenant avec Unitag

By Boubacar Sidibé

  Hohoho.. le compteur est lancé pour l’année 2018 ? , il est temps d’être hyper novateur dans votre manière de souhaiter vos voeux. Avec l’Application Web Mobile “Happy New Year 2018”,  nous vous offrons…

Snapchat redefining QR Code use, Shazam and Facebook on the lead!

By Boubacar Sidibé

After few years in the Dark QR codes might have found his next move! Snapchat added last year new features on their App including a new way to add friends by scanning their name…