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Written by the Author: Sophie Descarrega

How to Use the NFC Technology in Your Marketing Strategy? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Quick Guide for NFC Marketing

Near Field Communication (NFC) is on eveyone’s lips since Tuesday, when Apple introduced iPhone 6 and iWatch with NFC feature. A real game-changer for the future of mobile marketing, with NFC adoption and marketing use expected to break out, now…

Finally: Apple Now Supports NFC with iPhone 6! What does it mean for Marketers?

Apple brings NFC on iPhone 6

IT’S NOW OFFICIAL: Apple will support NFC Technology (Near Field Communications) on the new iPhone 6. Finally. What does this imply in term of Mobile Marketing, for brands, retailers, marketers… and consumers? We asked Simon Ternoir,…

Marketing Strategy: The Power of QR Codes [INFOGRAPHIC]


QR CODES are one of the most powerful marketing tools for mobile marketers, connecting the physical to the digital world for interactive multi channel campaigns. The only condition is to use them the right way. This infographic…

10 Smart Marketing Ideas
to Grow Your Business with QR Codes

Top 10 Smart QR Code Marketing uses

TODAY, we would like to highlight 10 smart and easy ways to use QR Codes that will help you meet your marketing objectives. If you are in a hurry, go directly to the cheat sheet below for all our QR…

Quick Response to 5 Most Common QR Code Critics

Truth_QR Codes_image

WHEN IT COMES to QR Code Marketing, debates between detractors and supporters are often very passionate. Before landing on our blog, you may have been looking for “QR Codes” on search engines. You surely noticed some articles…