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[Study] NFC-enabled smartphones to reach 700 million in 2016

By TechTrendsnMore
NFC-enabled smartphones 700 million in 2016

Mobile payment systems will continue to grow next year with the expected growth in number of NFC (near field communication) smartphones. A report by Berg Insight, a research company from Sweden, predicted that NFC-enabled…

O2O’s Barometer

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Marketers are always looking for new technologies in order to get in touch with their consumers, and Offline 2 Online (O2O) appears to be the perfect solution to conquer new markets. O2O technology is…

10 Keys to Your Mobile Marketing Success [SLIDESHARE]

The Keys to Mobile Marketing

“CONNECTED” has become the buzzword of the last decade: internet connection, social connection, connected business, connected devices (TV, glasses, cars, home), etc. “Connection” means a lot in marketing strategy in today’s digital world. It is not just about technologies, it also…