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O2O’s Barometer

Infographic O2O

Marketers are always looking for new technologies in order to get in touch with their consumers, and Offline 2 Online (O2O) appears to be the perfect solution to conquer new markets. O2O technology is…

O2O, the new marketing trend

O2O Unitag

Today, about 60% of the global population is a mobile user, and it is continuing such way… By 2019 mobile data traffic will grow tenfold¹! The figures speak for themselves, the great challenge of…

How to create a great Mobile Survey

Golden rules

Reading into customers’ minds is every marketer’s dream. Good news, the power of mobiles combined with smart surveys make it possible! A survey is a very compelling tool, it allows to collect valuable insights for…

Why you should definitely use games in your mobile marketing strategy

Game in mobile marketing

Gamification on mobile is gathering steam. Games are not only dedicated to entertain people, their final aim can also be to teach something (educational games), or to promote a brand (marketing games). Marketers are convinced that…

7 great ideas to boost your business during Christmas

Boost your business for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to boost your business. Your customers are looking for promotional offers when shopping but also need to be helped in their choices. Good news! Mobile marketing allows you to do both:…

6 Easy Steps to Use Mobile Games and Raise Your Brand Awareness


Mobile Game – LONG GONE are the days when Ford’s well-known remark “You can have any color as long as it’s black.” was representative of the business-customer relationship. Nowadays, the customer is king and satisfying a…