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[Study] NFC-enabled smartphones to reach 700 million in 2016

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NFC-enabled smartphones 700 million in 2016

Mobile payment systems will continue to grow next year with the expected growth in number of NFC (near field communication) smartphones. A report by Berg Insight, a research company from Sweden, predicted that NFC-enabled…

O2O’s Barometer

Infographic O2O

Marketers are always looking for new technologies in order to get in touch with their consumers, and Offline 2 Online (O2O) appears to be the perfect solution to conquer new markets. O2O technology is…

O2O, the new marketing trend

O2O Unitag

Today, about 60% of the global population is a mobile user, and it is continuing such way… By 2019 mobile data traffic will grow tenfold¹! The figures speak for themselves, the great challenge of…

7 great ideas to boost your business during Christmas

Boost your business for Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to boost your business. Your customers are looking for promotional offers when shopping but also need to be helped in their choices. Good news! Mobile marketing allows you to do both:…

How to Use the NFC Technology in Your Marketing Strategy? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Quick Guide for NFC Marketing

Near Field Communication (NFC) is on eveyone’s lips since Tuesday, when Apple introduced iPhone 6 and iWatch with NFC feature. A real game-changer for the future of mobile marketing, with NFC adoption and marketing use expected to break out, now…

Finally: Apple Now Supports NFC with iPhone 6! What does it mean for Marketers?

Apple brings NFC on iPhone 6

IT’S NOW OFFICIAL: Apple will support NFC Technology (Near Field Communications) on the new iPhone 6. Finally. What does this imply in term of Mobile Marketing, for brands, retailers, marketers… and consumers? We asked Simon Ternoir,…