Why you should definitely use games in your mobile marketing strategy

January 29, 2015

Gamification on mobile is gathering steam. Games are not only dedicated to entertain people, their final aim can also be to teach something (educational games), or to promote a brand (marketing games). Marketers are convinced that it is a very efficient tool, and they are right!

Let’s have a look at the different marketing stakes of mobile gaming.

4 good reasons to use games in marketing 

The power of game in mobile marketing

Reason 1: Enrich your CRM

Thanks to a customized registration form, you can easily collect information about users. It is the perfect occasion to get all the information you need which you did not have the opportunity to ask before.
Measure and analyze your data, then finally set up a new efficient strategy.

Reason 2: Get new qualified leads

The word of mouth effect is always more powerful with games because they naturally attract a lot of players, not only your customers.
Once again, it is the perfect opportunity to get new qualified leads which you will be able to work on to turn these contacts into new customers.

Reason 3: Liven up your community

Your customers love games! Use them to promote your brand, your community will participate with great enthusiasm and it should improve your brand’s image. Make them proud to follow you!
You can also use games to drive in-store traffic and naturally boost your sales.

Reason 4: Improve your customer loyalty

Happy customers are loyal. Give them the opportunity to have fun and win prizes, they will never want to turn to the competition.


Stakes and benefits on mobile

It is not a secret anymore, mobile is now a very powerful channel: 91% of smartphone users have their devices within arm’s reach 24/7 (according to Nielsen). That’s unprecedented!

Marketing games on mobile have a double advantage:

They are available on the same device where users have their usual games so it’s a natural channel
The interactivity of mobile makes it a great opportunity for your marketing games to be shared on social networks, by SMS or emails.

 To sum up in one sentence, marketing games are even more powerful on mobile.


Success case: the instant win of Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook Game

Thomas Cook is a British global travel company, with travel agencies all around the world. One of these agencies launched in June 2014 in France a street marketing campaign in order to animate an event and collect new qualified contact information. Great trips were at stake!

People entering the game only had to fill in a form on mobile about their travel habits, then they knew instantly whether they had won a prize or not.

This campaign proved highly efficient: 44% of participants went to a Thomas Cook agency after participating and the agency collected more than 270 new qualified leads in only two days. Great success for this brand who used Unitag to run their campaign!


How to start a campaign?

It has never been so easy! With Unitag all you need to do is to log in to your account and follow the steps. In a few clicks your Web App can be live.

Unitag games

At the moment only the Instant Win Web App is available, but Tic Tac Toe and Scratching games are to be added very soon to the list. Also if you have specific needs we can create custom games for you, feel free to contact us to tell us more about your projects.

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About the author:

Raphaëlle Dol

Thanks for reading! I am one of the first Unitag employee, and since then I fell in love with the startup way of life. I am working with passion on our marketing projects, and I am helping our users to take the most of mobile marketing. In my free time you could find me cooking, or watching the last episodes of my favorite series.