How to create a great Mobile Survey

May 6, 2015

Reading into customers’ minds is every marketer’s dream. Good news, the power of mobiles combined with smart surveys make it possible!

A survey is a very compelling tool, it allows to collect valuable insights for all your projects in an instant. However to get strong feedback from your store or from a strategic place, your survey should definitely be mobile.


5 golden rules for a mobile survey

Are you convinced now? Just follow these 5 golden rules and your survey will be perfect!

1/ Less is More

Keep in mind that each new question is just another check for your customers. They do not want to lose time, only ask important questions. Ideally your survey should take less than 5 minutes to be completed, which represents about 10 questions

 Reassure your customers on the time needed to answer and its confidentiality

 2/ Be crystal clear

If you really want to get useful answers, your questions have to be short and clear :

Go straight to the point
Only ask one question at a time
Use neutral words, do not influence the answers

If you respect these rules, your questions will be faultless.

 3/ Define your target

It’s obvious but important. If your survey only concerns a specific group of customers, make sure you only send it to them. Otherwise your emails won’t be treated as relevant by other customers and the response rate for your next enquiries will decrease.

Only send your survey to your target

 4/ Win-Win is king

Some things never change: if you want something you have to give something in return. Surveys are no exception to this rule.

There are many ways to make your surveys attractive:

Explain why you need feedback
Offer something in exchange: coupons, exclusive information, samples, etc.

5/ Test it

You think your survey is ready?

Before sending it to your target, have your colleagues try it out.

They will be able to confirm whether your questions are clear enough or not. Feedback from external people to your project is very precious.


How to create a mobile survey?

Now that you know the golden rules to creating a great mobile survey, you are ready to create one on your own.

Unitag offers an easy to use online tool, which allows you to create great and effective mobile-optimized surveys in minutes.

Guiding customer insights and satisfaction has never been so easy.


Create My Survey


You are now an expert in mobile surveys. Start and create your own now on!

About the author:

Raphaëlle Dol

Thanks for reading! I am one of the first Unitag employee, and since then I fell in love with the startup way of life. I am working with passion on our marketing projects, and I am helping our users to take the most of mobile marketing. In my free time you could find me cooking, or watching the last episodes of my favorite series.