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December 20, 2017



Hohoho .. 2018 is almost here ? , it is time to be super innovative in your way of presenting your wishes. With our “Happy New Year 2018” Mobile Web Application, we offer you an original way to send your wishes to your customers, prospects and loved ones but also…

To save on the dozen greeting cards that you must buy every year for the mother-in-law, the cousin, the colleague of the west wing.. ?

A Mobile Web App will allow you to deliver a mobile experience with quality to your targets without asking them to download your app. Isn’t it awesome? And nothing better than a QR Code to make this experience easier for the user. The promo gives you an unlimited number of visits to the App until January 31, 2018.

The promo price for the Web App only is 19€ instead of 49€Ht.

I am interested


In this post we will present the App for your wishes, and will finish with some great tips to optimise your emailing campaigns for this holiday season.

How to use it?

Very simple we are here to explain it to you. Log in to your Unitag account,


In your dashboard go to the “Web App” section or click on the “Create a Web App” button


Go to the “Custom” section and choose the “Happy New Year 2018” Web App

Name your App and we can start!

Option available:

  • You can choose to have snow or not in your display;
  • Insert your company logo (visible after pressing the button);

Click on “Next”

To customise your app, 4 possibilities:

  • Combine your wishes with a form;
  • Insert a redirection button to a URL;
  • Form and URL;
  • Wish only wonderful holidays.


  1. Wishes and Form

Combining an application with a form can be very interesting for gathering information about your prospects.

Give a title to your content, and then fill out the description. It is through the description that your target will decide to communicate or not his information.

TIP: be precise and reassuring. It is not easy to communicate your personal information on the internet, and you do not want your prospect to think that he will be spam ?. Your visitor is looking for the factor WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) therefore it is imperative to give him an interest to do so and make it accessible instantly.

Today, to get the attention of a visitor, you have to offer something extra: download a free report, an ebook, an audio or video document, a free online course that helps the visitor to solve the urgent problem that brought him to your website etc.

The title of the form is also very important, reassure your target by telling him what he earns by giving you this information.

It is possible to make the filling of the email as well as the telephone obligatory, this way your visitor will be able to see what’s next only after filling the information requested.

WARNING you do not want to scare your target, think to put only the most important box in your eyes as mandatory. An email address is often easier to obtain than a phone number ? rarely both at the same time.

Your button is your call to action the text has to be clear, you want the prospect to give you his information? Do not ask him on your button to “sign up” or “submit”.

  1. Redirecting URL (Button)

Depending on your business sector, a form may not be the most relevant tool for your client. You can include a redirecting URL that can refer the customer to your website, Facebook, video or a partner’s website, ….

To activate it, mark the “Telephone” and “Email” sections in “Off”, then switch to “On” the “Redirect” field.


  1. Wishes, Form and Redirecting URL

“I want a form and a redirecting URL” you said? possible as well !

Activate the fields of the form and then go to “on” the field “Redirect”, In this way you can collect data but also create traffic.

Take the opportunity to make a gift to your customers 

with a promo on a product, and the URL that will return to a sales page.

  1. No Form, no Redirecting URL only Wishes !

We just pass all the fields of the application in “off” and use our best words to wishes happy holidays to our targets. ?.

Your application is ready! now let’s blow them ?

Emails remains the best tool to present your wishes to your customers.

Capture d’écran 2017-12-19 à 16.47.28

In your email insert the QR Code with the “Happy New Years 2018″ Mobile Web Application and invite your recipients to flash it.

To broadcast your App you can use a QR Code for redirection. In this way your targets will only have to flash for the magic to work.

The success of your campaign depends on how many flashes this QR Code will get. Remember to customise it with your logo and the colours of your company to make it recognisable and it is important to invite the target to flash the QR Code. Optimise the size of your QR Code, It must be read by any scanner. The optimal size we recommend is 3cmx3cm or larger.

Now your QR Code as well is ready! The emailing campaign can begin.

Here are our 6 keys that will contribute to the success of your campaign.

  • Your title will be short and hard-hitting!

With the hundreds of e-mails that your targets receive each day, yours needs their attention;

  • Scrollbar is your enemy

Once someone opens your email you have 2 seconds to capture this attention, if the information you want to pass him is not in front of him he will not go get it;

  • Emojis are cool ?

Yes emojis again, you may have seen a dozen of em in this post, no doubt we love them;

  • To many URL’s means “Hi spam box” 

We often want to generate clicks in our emails, but keep in mind that this is never the right strategy. Mails full of links are all thrown in the spam box nowadays, no luck;

  • Images and GIFS are your bestfriends

images are often much more meaningful than a long text box (much like the one we’re serving right now ? );

  • A great discount is always a call to action

Yeah sir, a good  50% will always cause compulsive shopping, you probably want to enjoy it too.

To read the QR Code your target will have to use a suitable reader (easy to find and download on google), and good news ?  Apple in his new updates has integrated a QR Code reader to his camera. Remember to tell your targets

Take advantage of 25% discount on our QR Code offers to prepare your Offline to Online strategies:








Feel free to contact our support team if you need more informations.

About the author:

Boubacar Sidibé

Thanks for reading ? ! I am Business Developper at Unitag where I work with our clients to develop mobile marketing projects and solutions. I hunt down new market opportunities for Unitag and make sure we deliver them the best services they can find.