6 Easy Steps to Use Mobile Games and Raise Your Brand Awareness

May 26, 2014

Mobile Game – LONG GONE are the days when Ford’s well-known remark “You can have any color as long as it’s black.” was representative of the business-customer relationship. Nowadays, the customer is king and satisfying a king has never been an easy job. Keep him happy, entertain him and he might keep you in his good graces a little longer.

It may sound exaggerated, but the truth is that customers are very much alike. And this is businesses’ major concern.

How to engage customers – and keep them engaged?

Go mobile…

In average, in 2014, people spend almost 3 hours a day using their mobile phones. This average kept evolving in the past years to the detriment of the time spent in front of the TV (check this eMarketer study to learn more).

As a result, marketers need to adapt and going mobile is the solution to keep in touch with prospects and clients. Not to mention the amount of advantages that a mobile marketing campaign provides!

Attract - Engage - Convert : Top Advantages of Using Mobile for Your Sweepstakes - Unitag Mobile Marketing Blog

…and use gamification!

Since everyone likes to play, to be rewarded and to win, using the same psychological mechanisms of games in marketing campaigns has proven to be highly effective. A research conducted by M2 research shows that gamification can increase by 100-150% the engagement of customers, by 150-200% their loyalty and therefore, gamification increases also brand awareness and sales.

One simple way of getting these benefits would be by using the instant win sweepstakes. In this post, we will examine this tool that is meant to boost your contact list, attract new clients and reward existing ones!

Why using mobile games in your mobile marketing campaign?

They can represent a very powerful tool to help you develop attractive and engaging mobile marketing campaigns. Requiring only a small budget, they are easy to implement and maintain. As a consequence, instant win sweepstakes are very popular and are being widely used in marketing campaigns. Crossed data shows that when talking about contests used in marketing campaigns, the instant win games are ranking 3rd, after regular sweepstakes and quizzes.

Top Contest Types: Sweepstakes, Quizz, Instant-Win - Unitag Mobile Marketing Blog

The public loves them for the excitement that they provide, and also because people are able to find out right away if they won or lost. They are somehow addictive and the possibility of playing every day or several times during the campaign keeps players on their toes waiting for their next chance to try and win.

Are you wondering what are the benefits of using mobile contests for your mobile marketing campaigns? Well, you can :

  • Enlarge your contact database
  • Increase the traffic of your website
  • Expand your brand awareness
  • Provide a higher visibility of your products or services
  • Strengthen the connection with customers
  • … and many more!

By getting things for free, customers feel rewarded and potential clients are being enticed. This way, the campaign can go viral and help build brand awareness in a short time. Depending, of course, if you do it right.


Keep it legal! Make sure to check your country’s regulations before launching your campaign! Usually, in order for your promotion to stay legal and not to become an illegal lottery, there has to be NO consideration (it has to be free of charge for people to participate in your promotion), but some countries have specific regulations.


Don’t forget your marketing objectives!

Even though they can contribute to highly successful mobile marketing campaigns, instant win sweepstakes are best fitting one-off, short term marketing actions. This is due to the fact that they are, usually, very simple contests and therefore less memorable. They allow you to rapidly increase your brand awareness but they are less adapted to a long term marketing campaign. As every new thing, it creates a buzz at the beginning but with time, the interest of prospects and customers can fade away. Moreover, having a long term instant win sweepstake can become expensive and not provide a satisfactory return.

We’ve gathered here some essential tips on how you can conduct a successful promotion in order to take full advantage of it.

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6 Easy Steps for Successful Mobile Instant Win Sweepstakes

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Do it right

   1. Identify your target

Who are your usual customers? Who do you want to attract? It is essential to know who you are addressing in order to be able to create an attractive and effective promotion. Let’s take the example of the American hip hop group Cypress Hill who ran a mobile campaign that offered their fans a chance to win tickets and backstage access to their concerts in San Francisco and Denver in 2011. The fans could scan a QR code on stickers and get access to a mobile website, fill a simple form and try to win. In this way, the group could strengthen its relationship with the fans and reward them, by getting to know them better and rewarding them in the same time.

   2. Adapt your prizes

After identifying the target of your promotion, it’s time to focus on the prizes. Create a prize pool that could be interesting for those you target. Also, when possible, give away your own products or services to increase your brand awareness. Bagger Dave’s, an American restaurant chain, launched in December 2013 a mobile marketing campaign to get to know their customers, to identify their preferences so as to adapt their offer. By entering a website, customers could play an instant win scratch game, among other things, in order to try and win meals at the restaurant and gift certificates. The restaurant also took into consideration the “shopping spree” associated with the month of December and it also created a sweepstake where participants could win 10.000 dollars.

   3. Have a sufficient prize pool

One of an instant win promotion factors of success is the winner. Being able to see comments of people who have already won is a great incentive to play. Therefore, the more winners you have, the more players you will get. This is an important aspect to keep in mind when putting together your prize pool and when creating your mobile game. Structure the possible gains in time and adapt you prize pool to ensure that you will have prizes to give until the end of the promotion. Whatever prize you choose (as long as it is for free), people just love to win!

   4. Provide an easy access

While conducting a mobile marketing campaign, having responsive websites is a must. Landing to a page that needs to be zoomed in and out all the time in order to read its information can discourage the participant who will abandon your promotion. Mobile contests can be really useful since people access your promotion anytime, anywhere. If simple actions are required to enter the promotion, people will be encouraged to do so. Remember: simplicity is the key! The simpler, the better.

   5. Be precise

Explain clearly what people need to do in order to participate. If they need to scan a QR code, say it, make your code stand-out, use colors to make it fun and attractive.

   6. Promote your mobile campaign

Let people know that you’ve launched an instant win campaign, advertise it as widely as possible so that your customers, prospects and you could really benefit from it.

Want to clarify a point or need some more info? Have an interesting idea? Tell us in the comments below!

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