How to Use the NFC Technology in Your Marketing Strategy? [INFOGRAPHIC]

September 11, 2014

Near Field Communication (NFC) is on eveyone’s lips since Tuesday, when Apple introduced iPhone 6 and iWatch with NFC feature. A real game-changer for the future of mobile marketing, with NFC adoption and marketing use expected to break out, now that trend-setter Apple is part of the game. As a marketer, you need to be prepared!

Beyond Mobile Payment, Apple’s adoption of NFC is expected to finally give the mobile technology the respect it deserves. No doubt Apple will open its new ecosystem very soon to marketing applications for iPhone users. So what does it mean for your marketing plan?

Connecting the physical to the digital world with a single tap of your customers’ phone, this technology is a powerful marketing tool to drive sale and engagement. We put together the following infographic with everything Marketers need to know about this technology.

  • What is NFC? How does the technology work?
  • What do the numbers say about adoption and use?
  • What are the marketing applications?
  • What are the differences between NFC, BLE / iBeacon and QR Code technologies and marketing?

Wait no more, take a look on why and how you should leverage NFC Mobile Marketing for powerful marketing campaigns!

Integrate NFC into your mobile marketing mix

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NFC Marketing infographic by Unitag

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Create your NFC Campaign!

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Start with Near Field Communication

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