O2O, the new marketing trend

June 2, 2015

Today, about 60% of the global population is a mobile user, and it is continuing such way… By 2019 mobile data traffic will grow tenfold¹! The figures speak for themselves, the great challenge of the decade for brands is to communicate on mobile!

That’s where we come in! As always, our goal is to give you tips and advice in order to take advantage of the digital world. The O2O concept (Offline to Online), is certainly one of the hottest trend for the years to come. Don’t miss out on it!


O2O, the best way to connect with your users

Companies have more and more difficulty to reach their consumers on the Internet².

However, the mobile world is expanding daily, and brands are still using millions of physical media: packagings, billboards, news papers, business cards…

So, what is the solution to improve your communication? These two facts that work side by side should inspire you…

O2O example


How does it works ?

The Offiline to Online concept is stunningly easy, it enables your print and your digital material to work together.

You just have to add tags (QR Codes, NFC, Image Recognition) to your material, and link them to your digital content (Websites, Apps, Web Apps…). With only a scan your users will get access to your content. It’s that simple!

But don’t be too laid back because you have to think about the content you attach to it. Your mobile instant has to be thought of in your global strategy: your content has to be relevant and interesting for your audience, otherwise your campaign will be a fail.


O2O How it works


3 great marketing strengths of the O2O

The stake of an O2O strategy is to take advantage of both the physical and the digital world. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Developping an O2O strategy will help you to reach multiple goals.

Engage your users

Reach your audience with smart tags, and retain them with your digital content! It’s simple and effective!

Collect qualified contact

Users who are scanning your tags are highly qualified. They are making the effort to access to your content, it’s a unique opportunity to highlight your users with the strongest commercial potential.

Perceive campaign efficiency  

Tags on your printed materials allows you to measure their performance, and finally calculate your ROI! O2O is the solution to get tracking and full reports on your campaings.


An O2O campaign that workedsushishop marketing

The SushiShop was one of the first restaurants to adopt an O2O strategy!

In order to promote their App, they used QR Codes printed on their flyers and posters. It allows their customers to download the app in only one scan! It’s quick and efficient!

So the Sushishop used their Offline supports, to engage their customers online, thanks to a QR Code. It’s the perfect example of an O2O campaign.

With more than 40 000 scanned and a boost of the app downloading, the SushiShop campaign was a great success!


How to create my first campaign

Are you convinced? Launching your own O2O campaign is very easy, and it can be planned with just a few clicks!

Start creating a free account on unitag.io, and follow the steps.


CREATE MY O2O campaign 


¹ Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2014–2019, from Cisco
² TNS Sofres Connected Life 2014

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