O2O’s Barometer

August 7, 2015

Marketers are always looking for new technologies in order to get in touch with their consumers, and Offline 2 Online (O2O) appears to be the perfect solution to conquer new markets.

O2O technology is an easy process, which is connecting physical support with digital content. In order to do so, NFC tags and QR Codes are placed on objects, and in one scan the user has access to the digital content connected to the tag. Image Recognition technology can also be used to access digital content.

For example, a QR Code placed on a flyer can put you in contact with the company’s customer service, an NFC tag placed on a movie poster will automatically show you the trailer on your smartphone, and with Image Recognition you can buy an item that you just scanned directly from your smartphone. Anything is possible!

With such a technology, brands can directly collect their marketing campaigns’ data, see who’s using their services, and evaluate their campaigns’ success.

O2O’s Barometer

Therefore, O2O technology helps to connect millions of physical supports printed by the companies (flyers, business cards, brochures, etc.) with digital content.

Please find below a quick presentation of O2O’s perks and advantages.

O2O's Barometer

How Do I Create my First O2O Campaign ?  

Launching an O2O campaign only requires four easy steps:

1. Choose your support.

2. Select or create your digital content.

3. Connect the support with the content by using a tag (QR Code, NFC or Image Recognition).

4. Collect data and develop your business.


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