Snapchat redefining QR Code use, Shazam and Facebook on the lead!

October 6, 2016

After few years in the Dark QR codes might have found his next move!

Snapchat added last year new features on their App including a new way to add friends by scanning their name presented as a snapcode. A completely new way to use the technology which might be the next big move for marketers. While you need to search on other social media to add friends, Snapchat Make it now possible using only your camera.



Cool, right?

The messaging App built its snapcode feature by acquiring, a startup that developed QR code scanning and creation two years ago. Snapchat said this featured would give possibility to his users to have more fun, faster and easier to add new friends. The “snapcodes” as they’re called, didn’t need long to take over the internet. People starting using the codes as profile pictures allowing anyone to add them on Snapchat. With one the best rates of daily users, Snapchat increase even more his community and could probably be one the best marketing tool for companies in the next years to come. This would mean a complete new way to promote products, and businesses.

Even though the company did not made an announcement about it, you can now scan QR Codes using the snapchat camera, all you gotta do is point the camera to the QR Code and take a picture. Snapchat will detect the code and the information it links to, like text, a web link, or an image. However, if a user is sent a QR code as a photo and opens it, as they would any image or video sent to them by friends, Snapchat doesn’t process the code. Meaning, that a user can’t send a link to a website, for example, to a friend via a QR code.

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Other Mobile Apps got into this new trend of Codes such as Facebook on messenger to send messages to people,



and Shazam who made scannable codes to consumers products, giving brands and companies new perspective of QR Codes and how they could use them to access customers. By adding a Shazam feature on their packaging or display, Shazam will offer advertisers insights on consumer engagement or find them an appropriate musical artist for potential sponsorships that make sense for their shared demographics. Since, companies like Coca Cola or Calvin Klein jumped on the occasion to try the new feature.

Shazam created an in-store sound installations for Calvin Klein, and it showed that the process can be used for more than just tagging TV.

The interaction is simple: When a customer is near the branded podium, they use the app and scan the song that’s playing through the speaker. In return, they receive exclusive content like in-store promotions, a complimentary download of an exclusive song, and a Calvin Klein holiday wallpaper for their mobile device.




We’re now talking about live advertisements, snaps trailers, or customers rewarding which appears more and more to seduce the public and make them committed to a brand or company.

Yet, there is still some big progress to make. While QR Codes scanning seems to have difficulties almost everywhere in the words, it is almost a daily routine in China, where the number one social media app WeChat seems to be way ahead in the communication game.

The App is used for almost everything, in businesses and in people’s private lives. They use as well QR Code to add new friends and the social media goes even further, the users can send and transfer money inside the App.

With all these new incredible uses of QR Codes and Scanning, those company might have open a new path to follow. In a world more connected than ever, and after what Shazam proved we could be doing with QR Code, digital marketing could have more to do with the technology in years to come.

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Boubacar Sidibé

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